Vanilla Sugar


Did you know that the same Vanilla Sugar swirled inside our Morning Roll can also be found on the condiment bar in all of our cafés?

In our early days, we received many customer requests for flavored syrups to go with our coffees, teas and lattes. Our Vanilla Sugar seemed like the obvious accoutrement as it is made with fine ingredients readily available in each of our bakeries and superbly compliments our beverages. We perfected the proportions of subtly spicy, Madagascar vanilla and granulated sugar to deliciously enrich the Caffè Umbria coffee we serve.

This delicate beverage addition became so popular that we decided to package it to sell in the cafés. Now, you can stock your pantry with our famed Vanilla Sugar to enjoy in your coffee or tea at home. And, like our Morning Roll, it’s a wonderful addition to baked goods too.