The Feast Of St. Macrina

Anyone who has ever visited a predominantly Catholic country has likely experienced store closures due to a feast day of the town’s patron saint.  Looking at the calendar of Catholic Feast days, one may quickly be impressed by the sheer number of them. February 1st alone has 67. When one considers that there are more saints than days of the year and that there is a ranking system to assign how Feast days are celebrated, it can get confusing. Many Feast days involve processions through the streets, feasts and festivals to remember the saint of honor. Depending on the importance of the saint, businesses in the whole town may close for the day. Lesser-known saints may simply have their name mentioned during Mass.

There are only a few days you’ll find our bakery and café closed for a feast, Saint Macrina’s Feast Day is one of them. Though technically her feast day is July 19th, we will be closing at noon on Tuesday, July 17th, for our own company feast to celebrate our great staff, their families and our community here at Macrina. We will resume our normal business hours on July 18th.  Learn a little more about how our company was named on our history page.

Bread Guild

We’re very proud that our founder, Leslie Mackie, has been elected as a board member of The Bread Bakers Guild of America! The Bread Bakers Guild is the nation’s premier organization that is devoted to the art and the science of bread.  More than 1,300 members from across the United States and around the world make up the Guild community. Leslie joined the Guild 19 years ago. She was eager to meet and connect with the other bakers, millers, farmers and suppliers that make up the membership of the Guild.  She says that it was and continues to be a great support system and resource. Thanks to the Guild, Leslie has met bakers who have become friends from all over the country.

This appointment reflects the respect that the professional baking community has for Leslie and her dedication to making artisanal breads accessible to everyone.  Keeping in mind that there is always something new to learn, the Guild is committed to providing continuing education and educational resources to artisanal bakers, supporting them and celebrating their craft and passion.  Leslie’s enthusiasm and love of baking will serve her well as a member of the Membership and National Events committees. She is very excited to serve on the Board, noting that it will be “interesting and fun” to be closer to the visionaries of the Guild and will give her the chance to meet more bakers from around the country.

Congratulations Leslie!