Gluten Freedom: Our favorite gluten-free goodies

Gluten-Free Fresh Fruit Muffin

Living gluten-free should never mean missing out on delicious baked goods, settling for a less than stellar product, or paying more for your treat.

We tested recipes around the clock to improve and expand our gluten-free pastry offerings, and in the process found that we didn’t have to sacrifice flavor or texture when making baked goods without gluten.

The magic is in our flour. Owner Leslie Mackie worked diligently to create this special flour, which combines brown rice and sorghum flours instead of garbanzo bean flour often found in commercial gluten-free flours. We use this signature flour in all of our *gluten-free offerings, and even those of us who can tolerate gluten enjoy these treats.

“The highest compliment we are getting is that they don’t taste like gluten-free items,” adds Leslie. “Many like the Fresh Fruit Muffins even better than the all-purpose flour original!”

Anyone who’s tasted our Ganache Cupcake, Gluten-Free Biscuit, Macaroons, Torta Gianduja or Banana Cake will tell you how great they are, but we’ll let you be the judge. Pick up one of our gluten-free treats today and see if you notice the difference.

*Our gluten-free items are made in a gluten-friendly environment, so there may be cross-contamination.