Local Supplier Focus: Cairnspring Mills

A century ago, thousands of wheat farms across America supplied numerous local mills. Today, however, most of those mills have closed, and milling has become centralized turning flour into an international commodity.

In Washington State, Cairnspring Mills bucks this trend, collaborating with nearby farmers dedicated to sustainable agriculture, milling each batch of grain separately to maintain the integrity and unique flavor of each field. At Macrina Bakery, we prioritize using locally sourced ingredients for several reasons, including enhanced flavor and nutrition.

Leslie Mackie, Macrina’s Founder, says, “Cairnspring works directly with the baker to customize the milling process to their needs. The regenerative conventional and organic varietal grains are highly flavorful, especially when milled in the Cairnspring fashion.” 

Supporting the local economy is another reason Macrina purchases ingredients from nearby sources. Leslie notes, “This approach reduces our carbon footprint, ensures fresher products due to close proximity, and invests dollars back into our community.” Our commitment to Cairnspring is long-standing and stems from our enduring partnership with the prestigious WSU BreadLab that breeds grain for flavor, led by Dr. Steven Jones. These locally-grown grains are milled at Cairnspring Mills and baked into many of our breads. Many of the loaves using local flours are among our most popular breads. “Cairnspring provides a steady supply of the high-grade flours we need, and the consistency is remarkable,” says Leslie.