Baking with the Stars: PNB & Macrina Bakery

The worlds of dance and dessert are set to collide this spring, as Macrina Bakery partners with Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB) for the Spring Spark — a whimsical fundraiser where creativity, community, and confections take center stage.

The Spring Spark, a one-night event, will see the transformation of the Francia Russell Center into a fantastical culinary wonderland, where ballet dancers, local distilleries, and Seattle’s dessert virtuosos join forces to create never-before-tasted delicacies. Guests will have the pleasure of sampling and voting for their favorite desserts and signature cocktails. 

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Macrina’s baking team, including founder Leslie Mackie, Pastry Chef Katarina Ducharme and Pastry Associate Manager Sam Stout, has partnered with PNB star Lucien Postlewaite, who is nearly as passionate about the culinary arts as he is about the stage. “Lucien has a world-traveler’s knowledge of pastries, and we had inspiring conversations about his favorite pastries in Paris and Spain,” Leslie says. “It’s an honor to collaborate with him, and I can’t wait for the world premiere of our dessert.” 

Lucien says, “I see food as I see ballet — an opportunity to layer sensation, emotion, flavor, texture, and beyond. I’m thrilled by the opportunity to work hand in hand with Leslie and the Macrina team to craft a dessert that dances on the palate.” 

As May 6 fast approaches, Sam has taken the lead. “When you get people in a conversation about food and you can tell they’re really passionate about flavors and profiles and mouthfeel and the experience of a well-made dish or dessert, that’s when it really gets fun. Lucien has quite the palate and many great ideas.” 

The collaboration has been nothing short of sweet as Sam, Leslie, Katarina and Lucien work to get everything just right, work through a final dress rehearsal, and, at last, the big-stage performance. 

And, in this playful competition in which there are only winners, let us not forget the other enchanting collaborations: Destiny Wimpye is paired with Bell’s Cookie Co, Cecilia Iliesiu with Lady Yum, and James Kirby Rogers with former PNB dancer Kari Brunson’s Frankie & Jo’s. And as a palate cleanser between bites of divine confections, guests can indulge in the savory culinary creations of James Beard-nominated chef Melissa Miranda of Musang. 

Come join us for the love of community, for the tantalizing food and drinks, and to support the electric magic PNB brings to our lives. Order your tickets for the Spring Spark here and ignite your passion for dance. 

For those unable to attend, but curious to taste the magic they conjured, we’ll be selling their wonderful creation in our cafes the weekend of May 5-7!