Valentine’s Day: Not Just for Lovers

Macrina Bakery Brown Sugar Shortbread Cookies In the February 2013 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, you will find a love story – not your typical love story, but a story of love that is shared with good friends around a hearty meal. The author suggests that Valentine’s Day become a “food holiday” like Thanksgiving and Christmas. She looked forward to each Valentine’s Day with her husband because it meant a night out at a fancy restaurant, but she asks why exclude the unpaired ones from a Valentine’s Day feast.

What are your Valentine’s Day traditions? Do you hand out Valentine’s Day cards to people besides your significant other? Have co-workers ever taken the opportunity to “share the love” with you? Children celebrate en masse every Valentine’s Day in elementary school, so why can’t adults? It’s time to think about Valentine’s Day beyond lovers and celebrate those we admire.

Macrina Bakery Cupid's CupcakeMacrina founder, Leslie Mackie feels the same way. Admittedly, over the years, we name seasonal Valentine-related products with the traditional love holiday in mind – Eros Cake, Beating Heart Galette, and this year’s Cupid’s Cupcake. But why limit those treats to your one and only when you have friends, family, and co-workers that deserve appreciation? Leslie hopes that you will take the opportunity to show your gratitude to those that matter most to you.

Our Valentine’s Day Offerings can help with your homespun, heartwarming feast, including Baked Brie en Croute, a divine combination of sweet and savory with caramelized onions, sweet and tart cherries, and cocoa in a mild, creamy brie; our popular Brown Sugar Shortbread Cookies shaped in a heart; or our product of the month, Cupid’s Cupcake, a moist red velvet cupcake filled with a dollop of vanilla bean pastry cream and topped with white chocolate buttercream frosting, a fresh raspberry, sugared rose petal, and sugar sprinkles.

Let’s turn Valentine’s Day into an official food holiday and celebrate and share the love of food with good friends and family!