Employee Recipe Series: Sergio Castaneda’s Vollkorn Grilled Cheese

We’re celebrating our 30th Anniversary by sharing some of our staff’s favorite recipes using Macrina Bakery products.

On a pleasant late spring weekend in South Seattle, Sergio Castaneda and his family gather around the dining table to savor a homemade lunch. As the tantalizing aroma of grilled cheese and tomato soup permeates the room, laughter and engaging conversation become the soundtrack to this delightful meal. Sergio’s Vollkorn grilled cheese, a family favorite, showcases the versatility of Macrina Bakery’s bread.Sergio, our Production Manager at Macrina Bakery and a part of the Leadership Team, began his journey as a driver in 2002. His unwavering dedication and passion for the business led him to climb the ranks, ultimately assuming responsibility for overseeing an extensive team of drivers and packers. With a strong background in food, including experience as a pastry chef, Sergio possesses a wide range of expertise, from dough mixing and baking to customer service. An effective leader, Sergio actively contributes to Macrina’s success by diligently working to enhance his team’s performance and fostering a positive, inclusive work environment.The Vollkorn loaf, a German-style, nine-grain bread, serves as the ideal foundation for Sergio’s delectable grilled cheese. This moist and hearty loaf blends a six-grain cereal with toasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds, creating a delightful crunch. Organic rye and a beer starter provide a pleasantly sour flavor, while honey and molasses lend a complex caramel sweetness. The result is a multipurpose bread that harmonizes with an array of ingredients.Sergio explains, “It is a very simple recipe. What makes it special is the way the light sweetness of the bread, the slight nuttiness of the Gouda, and the creamy mozzarella come together.” He slices the Vollkorn loaf at an angle to increase the surface area, then layers Gouda and fresh mozzarella cheese on the bread. After buttering the exterior sides, he grills the sandwich on a panini press. “In just a few minutes, you have crisp, caramelized bread filled with gooey cheese.”

Sergio’s Vollkorn grilled cheese can be savored on its own as a scrumptious snack or coupled with a steaming bowl of soup for a comforting meal. The nutritious of Macrina Bakery’s Vollkorn loaf elevate this classic dish, making it a cherished favorite in the Castaneda household.

In a world where shared meals create lasting connections, Sergio Castaneda’s passion for food, his love for Macrina Bakery’s bread, and his devotion to his family serve as heartwarming reminders of the significance of quality ingredients and the joy of gathering with loved ones around a table. As the Castaneda family relishes their weekend lunch, it’s evident that life’s simple pleasures are often the most meaningful —  and in this instance, the most delicious.Find recipes like BBQ Chicken Sliders and Summer Panzanella Salad that use Macrina breads and more in our Seasons Cookbook.