Employee Recipe Series: Scott France–Summer Evenings at the Grill

We’re celebrating our 30th Anniversary by sharing some of our staff’s favorite recipes using Macrina Bakery products.

On the edge of a languid summer night, the world bathed in a dusky glow, Scott France’s back deck comes alive. In the golden half-light of evening, Scott stands at the grill, tongs in hand, turning thick slices of grill-marked bread ensuring the char is just right. Friends and loved ones gather, their laughter and conversation melding with the scent of sizzling flank steak and grilled vegetables.

These evenings begin with Scott selecting a loaf of Casera and a loaf of Organic Sour White from the bakery at the end of the workday, the anticipation of sharing food and stories with his family and neighbors already on his mind. The process is simple: fire up the grill, marinate the steak, prepare the foil pouches of cauliflower and broccoli, and brush the bread with extra virgin olive oil and salt. “It’s super simple, super quick, and unbelievably delicious,” Scott says, a routine he repeats throughout the summer months.

As president and part-owner of Macrina, Scott is dedicated to providing the finest artisan breads and pastries to the Puget Sound region. With over 250 employees and a reputation as one of the country’s best bakeries, the challenge invigorates him. “Our mission is to enrich our communities through the joy of artisan baking,” he says, and with the new Maple Leaf Café, Scott is excited to bring Macrina to even more people. “We’ve been so excited to open our first café since 2018, and to provide opportunities for the wonderful people who work at Macrina.”

Casera and Sour White were the first two loaves Leslie created 30 years ago when she first opened Macrina’s doors in Belltown. Casera, inspired by the famed Poilâne bakery in Paris, took nearly a year of experimentation with a natural bread starter made from champagne grapes. The result: a coarse-textured loaf with a thick, caramelized crust that is perfect for the grill. The Sour White, on the other hand, boasts a tangy, open crumb and a sturdy crust, with its nutty, sour flavor derived from a wild starter Leslie created in 1993.

As evening deepens, the warm glow of camaraderie fills the air. Plates piled high with grilled meat, bread, and vegetables circulate. “There’s definitely beer involved, too,” says Scott. Specifically, growlers from Georgetown Brewery. The worries of the day pass as the world narrows to this communion of friends savoring the moment and the pleasure of togetherness. Tomorrow will come, but for now, the simple joy of a shared meal lingers long into the summer night.