OSL & Macrina: Partnering to Make a Difference

Ever wonder how Macrina makes just enough fresh loaves of bread and an assortment of pastries every day to satisfy our customers’ appetites week in and week out? We don’t. We make extra, enough so that though we may run out of some pastries and loaves, a customer who shows up right before closing will still find something satisfying. Additionally, we inevitably wind up with a few misshapen loaves and pastries that don’t meet our standards.  

So, what do we do with what we refer to as fresh overages?  We donate to a handful of food banks and local nonprofits. One of our key partners is OSL. Originally called Operation Sack Lunch, OSL was founded in 1989 with the distribution of 30 sack lunches on the streets of Seattle. Now they serve about 2 million healthy meals to those who struggle with hunger in our community every year. They hire many staff members from their client base and provide an equitable wage and generous benefits designed to combat poverty-level wages. They encourage positive life changes and forward motion.   OSL picks up overages from our cafes and bread production facility in Kent and incorporates the bread and pastries into their meals. “None of Macrina’s pastries last long in our meal lines,” says Abid Choudhury, OSL Operations Director. “They are getting snatched up real fast. They really are a gift.” “We are grateful for our partnership with OSL,” says Leslie Mackie, Macrina’s founder. “They are immediately getting our day-end pastries and breads and making them part of a nutritious, dignified meal for those in our community who are in need of support.”