Macrina Celebrates Pride by Supporting Lambert House

For the week of June 19–25, we’ll donate all net proceeds from the sale of our Pride Cookies to the Lambert House.

When Katarina Ducharme, our head pastry chef, came to us suggesting a Pride Week fundraiser, we leaned in. The more we listened, the more we got excited. Choosing to support the Lambert House was an easy decision for us.

Lambert House, nestled in the heart of Seattle’s Capitol Hill, is more than just a building — it’s a sanctuary for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth, a place where they can be themselves. Lambert House provides a supportive environment for 20 to 40 daily visitors from diverse backgrounds and zip codes. They gather here to participate in various programs designed to impart essential leadership, social, and life skills. Activities range from support groups and planning meetings to dances and games. Amenities such as a pool table, a music station, a library rich with LGBTQ literature, and a computer lab offer spaces to unwind, connect, and learn. It’s a cornerstone of Seattle’s LGBTQ community and a beacon of acceptance, understanding, and unity.

Buy one of our Brown Sugar Shortbread Pride Cookies the week of June 19–25 and we’ll donate all proceeds to the Lambert House.

“I’m grateful to work for a company that is proud and willing to put their resources into helping all parts of the LGBTQIA+, particularly at times when it would be easier to remain silent,” says Katarina. “I also feel lucky to live in a state and a city that puts laws in place to protect the LGBTQIA+ kids that live here, as well as kids seeking refuge. But we need to do more to support the kids in our community who really need help, especially trans youth.”

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