Baking Demonstration with Leslie Mackie at Book Larder

It’s our thirtieth anniversary and to celebrate we’re opening a new café in Maple Leaf early this summer. To mark the occasion, founder Leslie Mackie will host a baking demonstration and cookbook signing at Book Larder on Wednesday, June 21, at 6:30 P.M. Participants will learn how to bake a Summer Berry Galette using a recipe from our Seasons cookbook, enjoy samples, receive a recipe sheet, and have an opportunity to buy and have cookbooks signed by Leslie.

For this event, we’re collaborating with Cairnspring Mills, a state-of-the-art flour mill with a dedication to old-fashioned, sustainable agriculture located in the Skagit Valley. They work closely with nearby farmers to mill each batch of grain separately, ensuring the unique flavor and integrity of each field is maintained. We’re excited to use Cairnspring’s Glacier Peak flour in our Summer Berry Galette baking demonstration. “Cairnspring provides a steady supply of the high-grade flours we need, and the consistency is remarkable,” Leslie affirms.  

Seasons, our third cookbook, pays tribute to local ingredients. Each recipe showcases the unique flavors of the Pacific Northwest’s spring, summer, fall, and winter. Leslie crafted these recipes with the home cook in mind, utilizing readily available ingredients for most dishes. For less common items, she includes alternative suggestions. Apart from a few recipes, most can be prepared in under an hour, allowing hosts to spend quality time with their guests while enjoying a taste of the good life. 

The Summer Berry Galette celebrates berry season in the PNW. Perhaps nothing grows better around here than wild blackberries. Throughout the summer, foragers know where they’re available for the picking. Leslie developed this delicately sweet recipe to utilize the abundant wild blackberries she picks along the rural roads and meadows of Vashon Island. Simplicity is its strength. With few ingredients, the galette is an elegant showcase for the ripe berries. The sweet creaminess of the custard is the perfect accompaniment to the tart berries. The recipe calls for blackberries but it can be modified to work with whatever seasonal fruit you have on hand. 

Given the limited space, we recommend getting your tickets early. There are two options available: Book Included, or Author Talk Only. You can purchase tickets through Book Larder 

We look forward to seeing you there!