The Perfect Roll for a Perfect Sandwich at Paseo

The Cuban RoastEvery day four of our bakers spend several hours forming, shaping and baking hundreds of our crusty, fragrant Giuseppe rolls for delivery to one of Seattle’s favorite eateries, Paseo.

Lorenzo Lorenzo (his real name – Paseo’s owner and chef) has worked for years to perfect the Cuban Roast, a sandwich made with succulent pulled pork marinated in his secret combination of spices and served with seasoned aioli, cilantro, incredibly delectable, grilled onions, and crispy romaine.

Our Giuseppe roll is the perfect roll for a robust sandwich like the Cuban Roast. The secret to a great sandwich, we think, is the bread that holds it all together, and we’re very proud that our Giuseppe roll serves as the perfect foundation for Lorenzo’s creation. Not so soft that it collapses under the weight and juices of the sandwich ingredients and not so firm that the sandwich’s ingredients spill out into your lap when you take a bite.

Lunch!Our Giuseppe roll not only holds together Lorenzo’s creation, but perfectly complements the beautiful flavors in a way that helps Paseo sell an amazing 1,500 to 1,800 Cuban Roasts every day.

We’re proud to be a part of what makes Paseo a Seattle landmark and a must-have for food lovers across the city.  We hope when you visit Paseo (and we know you will) you’ll think of Macrina with every bite of that Cuban Roast sandwich that you’re already picturing yourself eating.