Sugee’s Box Lunch Company: A Family Affair 

When Sugee’s opened, Microsoft had been in Bellevue for three years and employed 220 people. Since that date in 1982, Microsoft and the Eastside have grown enormously, and Sugee’s has been right there in the thick of it making dependably fabulous food at great prices. That Sugee’s is closing in on forty in a very competitive market is a testament to the loyal following they’ve built one carefully prepared meal at a time.

Sugee’s, a family-owned catering company, specializes in box lunches available for pick-up or delivery. The quality of their ingredients is what makes their handcrafted sandwiches so memorable. They roast many of their meats in-house, which is why their turkey sandwich will remind you of Thanksgiving. The quality of their house-roasted corned beef shines in their grilled-to-perfection Reuben. The roast beef, ham, chicken, and bacon are also custom roasted in their kitchen. You can taste the freshness of their chicken, tuna, and egg salads, which are scratch-made every day from recipes that have stood the test of time (and earned legions of fans). Every box lunch comes with a bag of Tim’s chips, a pickle, and an unbelievably good chocolate chip cookie.

“The specialness of the cookies is in the time and quality that go into the small-batch mix,” says Pat Amador, who along with fellow owner and partner Richard, founded Sugee’s. “Richard’s famous cookies are handcrafted and baked as needed for the day, sometimes hour by hour. We use Guittard chocolate in our products, sweet butter and real vanilla.” Their now-adult children, Jason and Jaime, grew up working long hours at Sugee’s. Jason has stayed involved in operations (Jaime, with her husband Paul, owns Classic Cycles on Bainbridge Island).

Most of Sugee’s delivery is to the Eastside, but they also deliver throughout the greater Seattle area. Customers in Bellevue should allow four hours for delivery. A day’s notice is required for customers outside Bellevue, although Sugee’s will accommodate same-day deliveries if possible.

Over the years, Sugee’s has been involved in many of Seattle’s iconic events—including Summer Nights at the Pier, Bumbershoot, and Folk Life. They’ve also supplied desserts to Nordstrom, the Space Needle, and the legendary Trattoria Mitchelli, where many a late-night diner delighted in the quality of Sugee’s cheesecakes.

Sugee’s used to bake their own bread but switched to Macrina several years ago. “We started with Macrina when we found we couldn’t handle our bread production due to the volume,” says Pat. “Macrina’s sourdough is consistently great, the Bui buns are crackly and fresh and getting more popular with our Italianos and hot stuff, and the rolls and brioche are capable of handling all sandwiches. It’s been a great partnership.”