Jane Cho, pastry chef extraordinaire

Jane Cho, Macrina’s talented head pastry chef, has been with Macrina since 2005. One would think Jane began as the show-stopping pastry chef she is, however, just like anyone, Jane began with limited experience. One of the things that set her apart was her extraordinary enthusiasm. With great determination and vast amounts of natural talent, Jane has essentially become the master. After building a great deal of confidence in her craft, she has humbly taken on the role as a teacher and mentor to many of our bakers and employees.

We are extremely fortunate to have Jane as a part of the Macrina family. A natural problem solver with a critical eye for detail, she is every bakery’s dream pastry technician. And because of her work ethic, creativity, and ability to empower those around her, Jane was recently promoted to oversee all of Macrina’s bakery operations.

If you are looking to either begin or perfect your cake assembly skills, you will find a special section in More from Macrina where Jane lays out a step-by-step guide for assembling beautiful homemade cakes. With professional tips like these, you will be ready to serve a fabulous cake this holiday season.

Of course we don’t expect all of your cakes to turn out like Jane’s, but give them a try! No matter how your cake looks, it will be easy to see joy in the faces of those who receive your creation.